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10 Advanced SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It is a technique to attract customers to your online website by increasing its visibility and search ability. Search engine optimization personifies the Google page ranking of a website and makes it more visible to people. SEO makes use of various techniques . The main aim of using SEO is to increase “organic traffic.” Organic traffic refers to the viewers who jump to your website without the website being promoted on any platform. Organic traffic comes from being more visible to people who need some support of your business or service. SEO has become the best marketing technique in today’s times. With the onset of pandemic, businesses have shifted online. And, SEO has started gaining more importance with an increase in the amount of competitors.

Here are small business SEO tips and tricks that you can use to drive organic traffic in 2021.

  • Constantly update and upgrade the content of your website. The website must always look fresh. Make your website attractive and let the consumers know everything.


  • Pick up topics that are relevant and start writing articles. Building article clusters improves SEO. Article clusters fill your website with informational content. Hence, they become more meaningful and useful for the consumers. Also, avoid plagiarized content. Draft original ideas and work out on making your content as authentic as possible.


  • Keyword Search is one of the biggest components of Search Engine Optimization. Creatively do the keyword search. And, use it to the best of your advantage.


  • Also, it is a lesser known fact that word count in articles matters. This means, the more the words that your articles have, the more lucrative your website will become for the customers. However, extra lengthy articles also go ignored. So, anything from 300 words to 700 words is fine.


  • Inter Linking is another very important SEO component. If you are a website creator, you must be proficient and well versed with the art of inter linking. The benefit of inter linking is that people can easily be redirected to pages that are relevant to them.


  • Search engine results pages (SERPs) are internet sites that people see when they use a search engine like Google to look for something on the worldwide web. Use FAQ schema to increase the presence of your website on Google. Schema markup is a strong yet underutilized element of SEO code that can help your website rank higher in the SERPs. This code is added to the website to assist Google and other search engines in providing better results to users.


  • Always keep a check on your competitors and their creative work. Sometimes keeping a check on competitors gives you better ideas and helps you in improving your own website. Study them and make sure you are always doing better than them.


  • Use a short domain name. Short domains are easier to remember. They are user friendly and are more searchable for people.


  • It’s important that your website is quick enough. The images usually cause a lag in page loading. A page should load for all users within 2 to 3 seconds. Make sure you optimize your image for a better user experience. If the page takes time to load, it usually leads to a decreased ranking.


  • Last but not the least, ensure that you use a “mobile friendly approach.” More and more people have started the use of their mobile phones for searching and pondering around the web. Many website makers usually forget this and end up making a website which doesn’t appeal the users’ eyes on the mobile phone. The better the site is for a mobile phone, more will be its user search ability.

If you are a new entrant in the world of online selling and social media marketing, it is very important for you to know and learn everything about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is well efficient in getting organic traffic for your business. More customers will lead to more traffic and more organic traffic would boost up your sales.

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