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Advertising in Adwords, now called Google Ads, is one of the most effective ways to acquire traffic for your website. In the end, it is the most used search engine in India, which is a great opportunity for your company.

Each sector requires different channels within Adwords itself, so from The Magiicians, we value all opportunities and offer different scenarios to our customers.

To carry out a good advertising strategy in Adwords, we need to define the objectives we want to achieve. These objectives must be measurable and achievable, otherwise the optimization of the campaigns will not be carried out correctly, after all, this is the performance indicator.

Once the objectives have been defined, we value through which channel we can achieve them more efficient, as the Google Adwords offers us;

  • Search campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Youtube campaigns
  • Gmail Campaigns
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Remarketing Campaigns

Later, we made the initial set up of the account and launched the campaigns. Once launched we track the results and optimize to improve all indicators (CTR, conversion rates, CPC …). Then we analyze the results we are generating and propose new actions that continue to add value to the strategy.

Although Adwords can be advertised on its own, the results of a strategy are far from being operated by an SEM agency with qualified professionals to achieve maximum performance with your campaigns.

Google ads by the magiicians

To evaluate the effectiveness of each channel, we rely on tools from the Google environment, such as the keyword planner, or Analytics, or external tools, such as Sistrix or SimilarWeb.


We also use reporting tools like Data Studio. This allows us to have good visibility on the results of campaigns and explore new campaign opportunities.

Thanks to this publicity we will obtain many benefits.
Relevant Traffic
We will bring relevant and quality traffic to our website very quickly.
We will increase our visibility in different channels within a single platform (Search, Shopping, Display …)
We will increase conversions and we will have a specific follow-up of the results of each campaign.
New Users
We reach new users who still do not know our brand.
New Niches
Possibility of reaching specific niches of users, thanks to a good selection of keywords.
Quick Results
Speed when it comes to obtaining results, if we compare it with other techniques.

Q- Is it necessary to have a minimum investment to advertise in Google Adwords?

A- No, it is not necessary to have a minimum investment. A larger investment will help us open more channels within the platform itself, but it is not necessary.

Q- What keywords do I select to advertise my company in Adwords?

A- We have to think about the different ways a user has to search for our product or service online. We can also rely on SEO and AdWords tools that suggest ideas for the ranking of our website.

Q- Will I pay every time my ad is seen?

A- We will generally pay for each click that our ad receives. This makes it a very profitable channel for advertisers.

Q- How do I know if I am generating conversions?

A- Thanks to the tracking tags we can measure the actions that have been carried out in our website.

Q- How can I control the budget and know that I am not going to exceed?

We can limit and reduce investment in different ways. Initially, the bids will mark the cost we pay for each click, but we can also manage budgets per campaign and even limit the account so that it does not exceed a certain amount.

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