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Email marketing is one of the most important pieces in any Inbound Marketing campaign or as a complementary process in a Digital Marketing strategy. It is the perfect link, in the strategic process, to continue with the construction of the relationship with customers to achieve the objectives pursued.

At The Magiicians we give a great importance to the process of Email Marketing, both as a complementary and heuristically tactic to complete the objectives set or, as a simple fact, the launch of a single campaign. The benefits that Email Marketing brings to a company can change the direction of this in a very positive way.

We know that the difference is in the small details, for that reason we leave nothing to the imagination in the teamwork, we control the creation of the Email Marketing strategy from the beginning of the process, the design of the emails and until the reception of the message by the user, going through a complete analysis of all the data.

The client is the epicenter of everything, we work with a friendly and pleasant approach, allocating our resources so that our client is satisfied.

For this, we rely on the needs detected to define a goal in line with some objectives, developing an optimal and personalized email marketing strategy.

In this way, we offer you our Inbound Marketing services, which include email marketing, as well as the optimization of generated campaigns and workflows.

Counting at all times with the best-personalized service and the best-qualified team.

Generate relationship with the client
Through the interaction of the user with personalized content for each of the stages of the funnel, we generate a close relationship with the customer.
You know your ideal client better
Through this interaction and the tracking we do to our clients, we know our customers first-hand.
Improve efficiency
By knowing at every moment what our buyer wants, we can improve the efficiency of the company.
Improve ROI
The return of the investment is greater, given that we always know what we should do.
Save money and resources
With a good knowledge of our buyer, we work on clear lines, in order not to lose resources, and focus on what is really important.
Have a healthy BBDD
It is not worthy to have 500k users anymore, it’s preferred to have 100k with a clean BBDD and that generates a relationship between the brand and them

Q-What is Email Marketing?

A- Email marketing is a communication process in which brands have direct communication with the user, this offers several advantages for both.

Q- Which tools do you use?

A- We are both parts of  SalesForce Pardot and  Active Campaign, so depending on your target audience and needs we will use a number of tools. It all depends on whether you are a business focused on B2B or B2C.


Q- What does it mean for my organization to have an email marketing strategy?

A- Email marketing has many advantages, mainly because it is a digital tool and uses many of its great advantages. Some of the highlights include:

  • Measurable
  • You know your ideal customer better
  • Direct communication channel
  • Reinforced brand image
  • Ability to adapt the message to the type of customer
  • Detailed segmentation
  • Perform A / B test
  • Generate sales-oriented automation

Q- When should I start with email marketing?

A- Email marketing is a process that usually starts the moment you acquire a lead from the customer, but this does not alter the fact that once the digital marketing strategy has been developed, it is very important to start with the email approach. mails.

Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives to be followed. What we can always assure is that we are clear and transparent.

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