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Facebook Business is a key tool to impact more users and promote your publications. Facebook is a social network where you can connect with friends, family, colleagues or profiles of interest and with a volume of users over 2 billion. That is why it has become the ideal tool for those looking for new business opportunities.

At The Magiicians we give great importance to Facebook for our clients’ companies, in order to give the professional image it deserves and to carry out Facebook Marketing strategies within the platform because we know that the use of this can completely change the benefits and the direction to follow by our client.

How do we carry out our methodology? The first thing we analyze is the company and its buyer person. The objectives that the client wants to achieve are the key point through which we begin to build our strategy; After an analysis of the situation of this, we went on to design a prototype of your buyer person.

We believe that it is important that our objectives are aligned with our clients, therefore we set objectives together. The client tells us what he wants, and we take care of it.

Once we have clear the results we want to achieve, we build the strategy to carry out, based on the experience and knowledge of the sector of our team of professionals. After the strategic part, the operative part comes; We carry out the actions and campaigns established in our digital marketing plan.

At The Magiicians we know that the monitoring and optimization of our campaigns are key to the continuous improvement and growth of each of our clients. Therefore we extract and analyze the data of each of our actions. This allows us to ensure the success of our customers.

Branding: Professional image
The fact that your company is on Facebook offers a much more professional image
Web Traffic
It is a great tool to attract traffic to your website through posts
Unlimited number of fans
There is no limit to building bridges for your followers.
Creating events
Creating events is one of the options that Facebook allows.
You can analyze all the data that Facebook provides you, from the number of followers, posts…
Complements organic traffic
It allows to combine the organic scope of the posts with the payment campaigns of Facebook Ads.

Q- What differentiates a personal profile from a company profile?

A- The main difference between a personal Facebook profile and Facebook Business is the data and information you can access, which can help you generate value for your business and create and improve your marketing strategies. That is why a personal profile is not enough. In addition, you are open to the possible removal by using a personal profile for a business.

Q- How can I optimize Facebook Business?

A- To take advantage of your company through Facebook, you must use the main metrics offered by the tool. In the top bar of the Facebook page, we have the section called “Statistics”. The main purpose of this metric is to know if your content really interests and if it adapts correctly to your target user and to your potential clients, in order to optimize and improve your strategy, increase the visibility of your actions and, therefore, your Business.

To do this, you have 9 different reports with graphics available in your profile, on performance, competition, fans of your page, potential customers and their actions that will help you make decisions.

Q- What can I measure on Facebook for my company?

A- Facebook offers a lot of statistics, some of the highlights are:

  • Measuring the range
  • Measuring profiles
  • Measuring connection hours
  • Measuring posts
  • Measuring activity

Q- Would you have to set up Facebook Business?

A- The Magiicians will always help you with the configuration, keeping it at all times property of the client.

Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives to be set. What we can always assure is that we are clear and transparent.

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