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At The Magiicians, one of our objectives is to be one of the leading Inbound Marketing Agencies in the Indian territory for offering the best possible service.

We have the best tools for clients focused on B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer). To strengthen our leadership in the market, we have signed agreements to be partners of SalesForce Pardot and Active Campaign, two of the best managers of Email marketing today.

Being a multifunctional Inbound Marketing agency, we have different departments so that the proposed methodology is implemented and with it, we can develop the Inbound Marketing Strategy that will lead you to success.

At the Magiicians we have embraced the new methodology that is being given to the Inbound Marketing agencies, the flywheel.

The traditional methodology, focused on the sales funnel was losing strength as it was advancing, in this case, what we intend is to delight, to love from the beginning our buyer person.

In this way, what is intended is the client himself, through this circular process, who will feed the “wheel” and, therefore, the growth.

Briefly, it is to observe the needs of our customers creating unique experiences for each of them to delight them.

What is intended is to focus resources on the part of delight, given that it is where the two parties obtain the greatest benefit.

To help in this new methodology, some of these tips are necessary to avoid possible friction in the development:

  • The clients must be able to do it by themselves, to solve their needs.


  • Departments with specialized people in all areas and people dedicated to Inbound Marketing with a general vision of the digital world.


  • Problems are solved by people, not automation
Cost and time savings
One of the keys of this methodology is the cost-saving and the increase in productivity, so that time is saved, by means of the tools used
You generate digital transformation in your company
Build a digital-driven company with the tools available for it, with the help of an Inbound Marketing Agency and its methodology.
Generate brand notoriety
When carrying out all the phases of the Inbound methodology, one of the greatest benefits is having much more scope and relevance in the digital ecosystem.
Extract data from your buyer person
The client must be the epicenter, the more information we have of this, it will be much easier for the campaigns to reach the expected success.
New prescribers
The goal is to sell more, but it’s a must to get new prescribers that are the ones speaking well of the brand with the earned media, therefore, it improves the ROI.
You generate interested users
When talking about a product or service that the user is searching for through different search engines, you generate an attraction towards users interested in that content.

Q- Why an Inbound Marketing Agency?

A- With the Inbound Marketing methodology, you’ll be able to acquire customers by attraction media. In addition, your brand will be rewarded with great benefits.

Q- What tools do you use?

A- In order to make customer loyal and in love from the first moment, we use different tools depending on the objective that is pursued. Some are SalesForce Pardot, Active Campaign, Ahrefs, Sistrix, Kensho, among others.

Q- When should I hire an Inbound Marketing Agency?

A- The Inbound Marketing methodology is not at odds with the size or phase in which your company is located, our recommendation is to see if your needs are necessary to start with it.

Q- What advantages does an Inbound Marketing Agency generate?

A- Inbound Marketing is a discipline that encompasses many Digital Marketing tactics, which is why it offers countless advantages, as is the case of being able to professionalize or generate the transformation in your company. In Addition, since we implement relevant tools and have the necessary philosophy to fulfill this task, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, increase the ROI and, what’s more, improve the relationship between the marketing and sales departments.

Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives to be set. What we can always assure is that we are clear and transparent.

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