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Linkedin Ads

Brand development and management of potential clients in the same space? At The Magiicians we think that LinkedIn Ads and our strategies on this network can help you.

LinkedIn allows you to develop your company strategy and reach the audience you want, both for the organic and paid media.

To expand your brand’s potential on LinkedIn, it’s important that you have a strategy for both organic and paid content.

It is clear that you have to know how to communicate your message, but also give the push to those who really consider it relevant to reach the right recipient, so invest in the best organic content and consider creating successful campaigns aimed at your potential audience.

Increase reach and interaction through LinkedIn ads, implement a strategy that connects your brand with your essential customers.

What are you looking for? You have multiple options to address them!


  • Communicate and interact on a large scale with your target audience, for this you can use the Sponsored Content and InMail.


  • Master your conversion funnel with different formats; carousel, video, and especially Lead Gen.


  • Measuring and optimizing is a key point for generating more impact.


  • Know your audience; Now you can meet the people behind each visit to your website, discover their professional features, the content that interests them most, and everything they need to be your reference brand.

LinkedIn is no longer just a job search network, it has become a platform that generates conversation and interaction, where opportunities are created and projects developed.

  1. Create an attractive organic presence, generate interaction and reach your audience through a payment strategy, but it is very important to measure and optimize in order to achieve efficiency in achieving the objectives set.
  2. Invest in the content that can help us the best to convert contacts into customers, the one that helps us the best to get users to know everything we can offer as a brand. It does not have to be just the organic content, you can also create a different communication for Paid Media strategy.
  3. Learn from the results. We must optimize by short periods of time to know how our target audience interacts and learn from their performance, which will help us to be as effective as possible.

Apart from using some techniques like these, these can give us a little push:

  • The video highlights, because instead of telling, it shows.
  • Using a MIX of formats and content helps to generate more effectiveness in the funnel process.
  • Segmenting and reaching a premium audience is what makes the difference.
Linkedin Ads

You can connect your LinkedIn campaigns with tools such as Zappier or Pardot.
It has a more strategic and optimized segmentation type to address B2B users.
Relationship with users
The relationship with users can be more direct due to formats such as InMail.
It is a platform that is not seen as commercial or direct sales, it is very focused on the achievement of quality leads.
It is one of the safest networks. Its initial launching as a professional network strengthened its seriousness in which truly relevant content is shared.
Target Audience
On LinkedIn, we can find a much more specific type of target audience than in other types of social networks, such as when Facebook Marketing or Instagram Ads, where we’ll need to do a more specific segmentation.

If you are a marketing professional, raise LinkedIn within your digital strategy, not only because it is a growing network, but it can support your strategy with a more professional audience, which seeks to build relationships, get to know ideas and relevant data, It also has an international character. Start nourishing your brand with LinkedIn because this network still has a lot to say.

Start developing the presence of your brand today!

Q- What is LinkedIn Ads?

A- Advertising on LinkedIn Ads is a process focused on B2B strategies to achieve an impact on our real audience with results available to very few platforms.


Q- What tools do you use to advertise using LinkedIn Ads?

A- We use several tools depending on the needs of our customers, such as Zapier, SalesForce Pardot, but our best value is the know-how of our team.


Q- How do I know that I need LinkedIn Ads?

A- Advertising on LinkedIn is a process that is usually used to obtain optimal leads for your business, but this does not limit the fact that once the digital marketing strategy is developed it is very important to start with the approach of paid media strategies.


Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives that are pursued. What we can always ensure is that we are clear and transparent.

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