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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Or Automation Marketing is one of the key processes in an optimal Inbound Marketing strategy and one of the most successful in recent years.

They are automatic processes that allow to automation a great multitude of tasks to optimize time, and therefore, improve productivity. In our case, we are specialists in the automation of workflows for B2B campaigns and B2C.

These processes start at the moment of the capture of leads until their subsequent entry into the workflows, created with an objective and with a purpose of qualifying, educating, and generating a closer relationship with the buyer persona.

The process or funnel for Automation Marketing has always been defined as something vertical, at The Magiicians, we want to see it as something more cyclical, where the relationship with the client never ends since if you want to get prescribers as well as ongoing sales, the relationship must be constant.

Therefore, our focus is the client, where through automated impacts, to maintain constant and ongoing communication, thanks to tools focused on them, we will get the desired brand ambassadors.

In short, marketing automation is a great methodology to increase sales, reduce costs, increase ongoing sales, get more customers and brand ambassadors.

Buyer persona
Extract data from your buyer persona. Collect data from your buyer, is one of the purposes of marketing automation.
Generate a Database
Generate an optimal and updated database. The automation allows us to generate workflows to have a healthy and updated database
Rate and qualify each of the prospects. Through interactions in communication submissions, you can rate the prospect and even give it a degree of importance.
More customers at lower cost
One of the functionalities of the Marketing Automation tools is to automate processes, consequently more clients and saving cost in the acquisition of new ones.
Customer loyalty
One of the great goals of Marketing Automation is to achieve customer loyalty by providing relevant and appropriate content in each of the phases in which our lead or prospect is located.
Generate brand ambassadors
Through this relationship, it is possible for a client or even a non-client to become brand ambassadors, gaining new communication channels.

Q-What is automation marketing?

A- They are processes a series of processes that are automated for better time optimization and results. Used very commonly in Email marketing.


Q-What tools do you use?

A- To improve the processes of Marketing Automation, you need the best tools and the use of the latest technologies for it.

We are Salesforce Pardot partners, the best B2B tool in the market, we also have other tools adapted to each of our clients’ needs, such as Active Campaign for B2C.

Another advantage that is obtained through these tools is the improvement of productivity since the aim is the optimum time in processes in order to improve the organization.


Q- How do I know that I need to do automation marketing?

A- It must be done to improve the relationship with the client, based on the acquisition of leads


Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives that are pursued. What we can always ensure is that we are clear and transparent.

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