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We are one of the best SEM Agencies in India, we do not like the conventional way, the established, we want to go one step further with the service and with the communication offered to the client. The Magiicians is synonymous with doing great marketing, working with passion, doing things as to be one of the references as PPC Agency.

We work with more than 5 Million Dollar’s of advertising investment, which is managed by the best human capital composed of more than 30 professionals dedicated to performance marketing.

In addition, and as it could not be otherwise, to support a unique team, we rely on the best tools to optimize the campaigns in the best possible way to be an outstanding SEM Agency in results. Some of the tools we use are Kenshoo, Semrush, Ahrefs, the Google Keyword Planner, and many others.

As a multifunctional SEM Agency, we have different departments to implement campaigns, hereby we can develop a strategy that will lead you to success.

We are an SEM agency that likes the methodology, things well done, with pleasure and affection, for this reason, we use a methodology to optimize our campaigns to the maximum. 

Sector / client / market analysis. One of the most important points for the realization of an optimal strategy and to define the objectives according to the needs is the realization of an optimal analysis. But not only the client itself, but also the market and the sector to which our campaigns are targeted.

Defining goals and objectives. Considering that the objectives will be realistic to our possibilities and we are based on the SMART goal settlement, having the first point clear, the second will be much easier.

Keyword research / Search for opportunities. At this point, we carry out a keyword search, which will serve as a building block of the new strategy, as well as offering a vision to obtain opportunities for new keywords or new SEM campaigns.

Strategy and channel selection. The strategy is the storyline that unites all the tactics that we will put on the table, in this way we will select all the channels to obtain the best results in each of the campaigns. 

Launch of campaigns. It’s time to get going with Google Ads, to start the daily activity, to monitor, optimize, and take care of each of our campaigns to the fullest. Extracting the essence of each campaign is one of our priorities as a PPC agency.

Performance tracking For better optimization of the campaigns, our experts in SEM are constantly checking that the Google Ads campaigns that we launch obtain the best of the returns.

Optimization One of the keys to be a good SEM Agency is the optimization of campaigns, we must continually improve to achieve the desired results and improve them. 

Reporting. We are concerned that our customers have all the data updated, updated, and in real-time, so we make information available for each account in which you can observe your data.

Greater reach of your campaigns
By generating paid campaigns on Google, you noticeably amplify the scope of the campaigns.
Short-term results
The paid campaigns are characterized by having a much more decisive curve than those of SEO, which need more time to cook.
Target real potential customers
When targeting relevant keywords, users searching for these terms are more predisposed to the purchase.
Generate brand awareness
Given the scope generated by the paid campaigns, hiring an SEM agency will make your brand more recognized.
Increase interest in users
By being focused on a very specific type of buyer with a predisposition to purchase, the conversion is much higher.
Increase sales
A large part of SEM campaigns are focused on sales, so the increase in sales is considerable.

Q- Why an SEM Agency?

A- With a great SEM strategy and an agency that manages it, you can get very fast and surprising results.

Q- What tools do you use as an SEM/PPC agency?

A- To obtain the results requested by our clients, we use various tools such as Kenshoo, Semrush, BidBalance, Ahrefs, Sistrix, Majestic, Keyword tool, Data Studio, among others.

Q- How do I know when It’s time to hire a PPC Agency?

A- The implementation of an SEM strategy is not depending on the size of your company or the phase it’s in, our recommendation is to analyze what benefits could bring to your needs.

Q- How much does this service cost?

A- It depends on your situation and the objectives that are pursued. What we can always ensure is that we are clear and transparent.

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